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Casstech Web Page

Welcome to Casstech

We are located in Southwestern lower Michigan near Southwestern Michigan College just outside of Cassopolis. Our first venture was in distressed merchandise, silk screening and travel cards in the mid 1990s.

We enjoy rebuilding old cars (60s vintage) and growing our own food.

We support our troops. We are on our side. We are the good guys.
That means we are against Hillary and Barack.

We have a "Willing Suspension of Disbelief" and we're proud of it.

The List Oct 30,2008

Things Obama says he will do:

He will bring in “The Freedom Act” to abolish all state bans on all forms of abortion. Late term, partial birth, and born alive.

Bring back the “Fairness Doctrine” abolishing free speech. The government will decide both sides of an issue.

Give at least 12 million illegal aliens citizenship with unlimited additional to follow. (He also claimed just the oposite)? ? ? ?

He will see to it that Electricity rates will skyrocket.

He will shut down the coal industry. (do to Green House Gasses)

Give illegals your Social Security. (You did not think they would keep their hands off of it.)

Increase taxes on the people who already pay over 80% of all taxes now. He said “it’s better if we spread the wealth” to Joe the plumber. He states this another way as well. He said “95% of you will receive a tax cut” (41% don’t pay now) ? ? ? ? ?

Give the 41% of all people who don’t pay any federal income tax at all, a check from the government at taxpayer’s expense.

Establish Hate Crimes laws. (Check your skin color at the door)

Pass the “Global Poverty Act” that will cost the average US citizen (every man woman and child) $2,500 to fight worldwide poverty. That money will continue to go to the Dictators and their armys while the people will continue be starved and murdered.

Pursue prosecution of President Bush for hundreds of charges from fighting terrorism to giving tax cuts to you and me. None of these charges need to be true. Compean and Ramos are still in prison.

Change the Supreme Court to an extreme liberal slant. (They will make the law) If the Obamacrats only knew what we are in for.

Prevent domestic oil development with more regulations and windfall profit taxes that the consumer will end up paying for.. Subsidize alternate forms of energy including Ethanol that has proven to be far more expensive than gasoline, while using nearly as much fuel oil and gasoline as it produces to manufacture, while driving food prices up.

These are just some of the Obama statements that came to the top of my head. Can your calculator balance the books on these claims?

A president cannot do a lot of things by himself but he can destroy the Supreme Court in very short order. If he has a Liberal Senate and Congress then there would be no limit to the destruction we will suffer.

If you listen to the liberal media we have no hope. They are trying to get you to believe that, in the hope that you won’t vote.

Check this out:

Remember the ACLU is EVIL !

The ACLU receives tax dollars against the will of the tax payers. Most people do not realize this fact. A most important thing that needs to be done is to de-fund the ACLU, and remove any protection they have from being sued for all their egregious acts against US citizens. They are extremely Anti-Christ and would like nothing better than to persecute all Christians that they have not yet attacked.

The ACLU defends the death industry, the rights of the government to take over as a parent to kill the unborn and promote pervert Homo groups. They are also against free speech for those who don't agree with them.

In addition to the above comments from last week it also should be noted: These low life scum bags wet their pants at the thought of destroying the life of a seviceman, his family or country.

Let me re-state: "We need to close down the destructive powers of this Anti-American group of socialists."

Question of the day commentary April 25, 2008

Democrats along with their strongest allies (the Main Stream Media) turn coat fake Republicans (RINOs), and socialists from all over, are trying to control your voice. Real education is the only real way to combat this.

The global warming lie is festering with the ill informed news agencies and in the supposed higher learning institutes, but facts and statements from real scientists expose the stupidity of the left.

It's all about control, bigger government and a 1.2 Trillion dollar carbon tax. If Bull Crap causes Global Warming in their minds then they should all go to prison for a long time.

Earth Day came and went and I missed it. I think I will celebrate it late by burning a tire.

Politically Speaking

I am in favor of political activism by informed citizens. Beware that the main stream media is corrupt and deliberately mislead the people. World wide socialism is on the rise due to misinformation from the media, Schools in general through the NEA who does not represent Teachers, and groups out side this country like "Move On" who is Hell bent on the destruction of The United States.

Be informed and seek the truth. Our founding fathers did have the right ideas. Yes they founded this country on Godly Christian principals. Our Laws were based on The Ten Commandments.

May God bless you one and all.



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Updated on 11/06/2008 05:49 PM by casstech
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