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Sept 12, 2007 Question

Do the Democrats look more like traders after their latest attack on Gen. Petraeus and the truth?


September 12, 2007

From Democrats to MoveOn to the bias Media, the general public must be starting to see the lies and hypocrisy. The extreme hatred from the leftists may be the best thing for this country to open its eyes and finally start to get the U.S. to wake up.

If you get confused because the left wing of the Democratic party also known as "the Main Stream Bias Media" is calling a great General a trader and referring to him as "betrayus" then understand that they are indeed slandering him and our country.

General David Petraeus is doing a great job and the media is struggling to hide that fact.

Sept 13, 2007 Question

If you could, would you vote to impeach all of the top Democtrats and RINOs?


Sept 13, 2007

I could mention Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry (the venomous and brainless) Reid, Carl (Marks) Levin and many more anti-American idiots, but let's just say the top Democrats have shown how driven they are by their intense hatred and desire for power. Thanks to extreme bias news reporting and groups like "move-on" exposure is at its greatest now. The bias media can not hide this stuff but as you will see they will do their best to spin it.

The lowest forms in our society will buy into it no matter what but I feel that many will convert to believing the truth. I myself had a hand in developing terrorism. I will always regret voting for the antisemitic "jimmy carter". This turn coat once mistaken for a great president is still on the scene working to socialize this free country.

Please work to do what ever you can to stop these beasts of evil. Our schools are polluting fields for the minds of our children, TV programming is geared to warp our minds and News Papers like "the new york times" are not worthy of using to line bird cages.

For USA haters like move-on I think it's about time they moved on.

Sept 14, 2007 Question

Do you think Democrats know about the attacks on September 11, 2001 on the World Trade Center?


I think we can come to the conclusion that many Democrats has yet to hear the news of the attack on the World Trade Center. The DemonicRats or Democrats also missed all things on the world scene since the Iraqi's use the Lilly Whites "Terry Nichols and Timothy McVeigh" as decoys when they blew-up the building in Oklahoma City, or how they shot out of the sky in New York Harbor TWA 800. They also missed the murder of Terry Scheivo and 3,500 daily murders by abortionists. They also do not know that 25 daily deaths are at the hands of illegal aliens.

They don't know how many of our brave Soldiers have been killed because Harry Ried, John (still a trader) Kerry, Up-Chuk Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, John (worthless) Murtha, or an unfortunate high number of socialist self centered power hungry jerks are giving comfort and aid to those who want to kill us.

They scream, "Don't question my patriotism ! ! ! !"

But we really can not . . . . They have none. They are TRADERS !

Sept 17, 2007 Question

Do you know the Media is hard core Left?


Over the week end the anti-USA movement was going strong. Making sure they held their religious ceremonies during normal church hours for Christians they have secured a group of pagans for their liberal spewing of truth bashing socialistic indoctrination.

This week’s mission was to support Hillary Clinton, The New York Times and the vommitful Move-On.org. General Petraeus had his character assassinated by these cowards and now they need to establish their lies as fact to a captive brain dead audience. Hitler would be proud to see them in action.

Remember if you want the truth you will need to keep your head out of the sewer by turning off the tripe from the mainstream biased media cartel.

Sept 19, 2007

Is Hillary the biggest deciever of all the Democratic cantidates?


Hillary is not involved in a "Willing Suspension of Disbelief". We know this by her fruits. (No not Bill) Hillary stands for everything that is evil and opposes that which is good. She calls good, evil and evil, good.

I believe she accused General Petraeus of being a Christian last week. She in effect said that he has free will and used it to suspend not believing, or he used his free Will to believe.

If she ever really knew what she says then she might not speak again. Would some one please educate her? or better yet . . . just let her spew . . I mean speak.

Sept 21, 2007 Question

Did Dan Rathers extreme leftist slant cause you to vote wrong in the last Presidential election?


Dan Rather is not involved in a "Willing Suspension of Disbelief". We know this by his fruits. Rather stands for everything that is evil and opposes that which is good. He calls good, evil and evil, good.

I believe he would accused the President of anything that would hurt him in the publics eye. The truth never really mattered with Dan. He follows in the footsteps of another dispicable lier, "Walter Cronkite". He was one of the developers of modern racizm. He tried to make his garb justified by saying, "and that's the way it was". Well that was false reporting time and time again. We respected him until later events exposed him for who he really was.

And that's the way it is. . . .

Poll Results:
Yes 0.0% 0.0 % (0)
No 100.0% 100.0 % (13)

Sept 24, 2007 Question

Poll Results: Is the media guilty of a "Hate crime" by showing Jesse Jackson or Al Sharptons face?
Yes 100.0 % (7)
No 0.0 % (0)

It's very shameful the way people have reacted as the "Main Stream Bias Media" pushes the buttons of the brain dead masses. This is what gave racizim a strong foothold during the "that's the way it was " years with Walter Cronkite.

If you want the facts on the "Jena 6" you won't get it from the Main Stream media. There has been full credibility giving to two people who don't really care about the average Black man. I'm talking about the race bating Bigots Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

These two creeps are further developing hatred towards whites. I like hearing from blacks who know the truth about these pompous arrogant agitators.

Democrats hate blacks but use them for their political advancement and they are big time race baiters. You all heard the lies from Hillary that were so very obvious. She is unwittingly helping to expose this manipulation every time she spews or speaks.

Look up this subject on the web. If you find articals based on the "Race baiters" you should keep looking until you find reliable sourses. The Patriot Post had a good artical that had facts and I know there's many more. Turn off the Bias Media and check it out.

Sept 25, 2007 Question

Poll Results: Is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's real name "Mahmoud I'm A Democrat?"
Yes 0.0% 0.0 % (0)
Works for Move-On 0.0% 0.0 % (0)
Works for The ACLU 0.0% 0.0 % (0)
All of the above 100.0% 100.0 % (16)

How desperately anti-American and ignorant is Columbia University? The greatest danger is being developed in the minds of students by these socialist institutes of brainwashing.

This same corrupt institute refused to allow the head of the Minutemen to speak. So much for their claim that everyone has a right to speak. They are outwardly in your face hypocrites. Too bad the Media will not call them out on this.

#1) This Turkey turned into a Chicken when Ronald Regan took office after defeating the Jew hater Jimmy Carter. Remember the 444 day captivity of Americans in Iran? This coward Mahmoud Ahm-an-idiot was afraid of what was about to happen to them if they continued to hold Americans while Regan was President.


#2) Wipe Israel off of the face of the Earth then destroy the Great Satin (USA) This maniac has been directly involved in the death of our soldiers. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid works for him.

#3) You should have added to the selection of answers: All of the above and much more like Columbia University, Berkley, and maybe a few hundred more plus the NEA, the Black Caucus, LaRossa, . . . well I guess there is too many to put them all down.

Sept 27, 2007

Poll Results: Which network is the smuttiest, slimiest and filthiest?

ABC 26.7 % (4)

CBS 20.0 % (3)

FOX 46.7 % (7)

NBC 6.7 % (1)

OTHER 0.0 % (0)


Have you been watching what new shows are on the air this week? Quite smutty would you not agree?

All the networks are indeed competing for this lowest denominator. Fox does by far the best job of not distorting the truth in its News presentation. They are not blatantly liberal. Fox however does thrive for smut.

The filth that Fox is promoted has emboldened the other networks, with virtually no moral guidelines, to reach farther and farther. CBS has flatly stated in the past that the "F" bomb should be standard language on any program at any time . . . but wait. . . they now have a different view of another "F" word because one might use it to describe a homosexual who they hold in high regard.
ABC has Desperate House Wifes, Grey's Anatomy and now Dirty Sexy Money that really pushes things on their previews. NBC has The Office , Ellen, and E.R. . . . Check out the listings and rate them.

Nice for the networks to have a double standard that will always lien towards smut and filthy slime. It is also nice for them to not have to worry about pressure from the FCC or congress. I do not use those words that might better describe this subject matter for those who love this type of programming.

If you can survive the programming then notice how great the commercials are. Football is not worth watching anymore.

Sept 28, 2007

Poll Results: Why would anyone vote Democratic as they claim they will tax us to death? Because they:

believe the Media 0.0 % (0)

believe Hillary ? ? ? 0.0 % (0)

are Masochists’. 0.0 % (0)

are on welfare. 0.0 % (0)

are illegal. 0.0 % (0)

multiple of the above 61.5 % (8)

stupid 38.5 % (5)


It's hard to believe that anyone with even a small portion of brain tissue could vote Democratic. John Dingleberry of the socialist state of Michigan wants you to pay an additional $.50 per gallon of gas to pay for the non existent bogus global warming scam. The Dems' also want to eliminate deductions for mortgage interest on homes with 3,000 square feet. They want you to pay additional taxes for carbon emissions. As the jobs fly out of state they want to increase your property taxes to make up the difference.

Now we can all have health care with government mandated care. We must also see to it that we leave no one out. Let's add millions and millions of (don't say illegal) undocumented aliens to the mix. You can see how this adds up just fine. No financial woes here.

Now Social Security is in great shape. Everyone knows that. . . just listen to the Media. It may need slight tweaking but not for the potential undocumented, they've been down enough. Just keep the billions in SS money going to the folks still in Mexico. For the rest of us who have paid into the system for our entire life, we can adjust a little. Let's cut back on the benefits and increase the retirement age. I'm sure a Hershey bar a day can keep us going after the age of 95. I hope Hershey don't raise the price too high.

Oct 2, 2007 Question

Poll Results: Are you paying too much Taxes?

Yes 0.0 % (0)

No 0.0 % (0)

Way TOO much! 100.0 % (9)


Today I woke up and said, "Hey! I'm not paying enough TAXES, why don't I just vote Democratic and let them take care of my problem?"

In Michigan this problem was solved but the politicians there are constantly working to improve this taxation culture. I know you were all so happy to hear that the Michigan government did not shut down. Now we can pay more taxes and isn't that why we started this country anyway?

Well maybe not, but don't they have a good heart? They brought us the lottery to lift the burden of taxation for our schools, they gave us "no-fault auto insurance" so our rates will be so reasonably low, our tax funded University of Michigan teaches us how to become GAY, we can break the law here, run from the Police and when we kill ourselves in the process we can have our friends and family burn down our houses and be praised by our Governor then get new house built for us and have Jimmy Carter come in for a photo opt and condemn the Bush administration when he appears on WSBT TV to talk about Habitat for Humanity funded by our taxes. We get visits from Jesse Jackson . . Oh how lucky can we be?

Well this may be too long a subject for now.

Oct 4, 2007 Question

Poll Results: Did you know Joe Donnely voted for you to pay for government Health care in the name of children?

Yes 84.6 % (11)

No 15.4 % (2)

Joe Donnelly comes across good on places like WTRC or WSBT. They like him and do not want to hit him with hardball questions. He voted for Nancy Pelosi for speaker of the house, condemned oil companies for the high price of gas while being in favor of keeping us from drilling for gas ourselves, he supports Ethanol and its hidden costs, he wants you to pay for others medical bills, and was quick to condemn the VA and claim that they are mistreating our soldiers all the while his comrades call our Generals traders and our troops terrorists, he did not condemn the Move-On character assassination of Petreaus, and while looking polite on the air is moving us towards socialism.

The problems with our Health care system I believe is government related. The cost is out of control and yet the health care professionals are not the ones reaping the windfall profits. John Edwards made out quite well thank you and Illegal’s have great free health care. Where are those hearings, that the democrats are known for, calling for endless investigations and inditements? I guess you can't go after your supporters.

I must give him credit however for doing a better job than most Republicans on the illegal alien front. I hope people contact him and request that he represent us and not the corrupt democratic party. He said he was a lot like Chris Choacola but He's not really. Move-On money bought him this position and is helping to bring down the working class in our district.

Posted on: 2007-10-04 06:07:25 By: Anonymous
The problem with this county is taxation without representation. Joe Donnelly is a puppet with Pelosi pulling the strings. Indiana cannot vote Pelosi out of office. I'm afraid term limits are the only answer.
Posted on: 2007-10-04 14:18:17 By: Anonymous
I voted no, but that was before this question brought it to my attention.

Oct 9, 2007 Question

Poll Results: If you had been beaten by an angry group of blacks, should you turn yourself in to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson?

Yes 6.7 % (1)

Hide in shame 0.0 % (0)

Blame yourself 0.0 % (0)

No 93.3 % (14)

Does any one know if justice was served with the Jena 6? Does Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton decide what's right or wrong? Does an activist judge get to over rule justice? It just goes on and on. Why does the media turn a bind eye to real atrocities? Is it because they out number the fake ones like the Jena 6 by a wide margin?

The extreme one way hatred is accepted as normal. If some one gets taunted into showing an unacceptable symbol then you can try to savagely kill them and leave them for dead if you don't succeed. It's always best to out number them six to one. Does this make you like Hip Hop now? It looks like freedom of speech is a one way street.

The Jena 6 does not represent the norm. Racism was served here very well no thanks to the spineless media wimps.

The white boy that was beaten was not involved in dispute that preceded this event. Was this guy who was beaten then left for dead guilty of a hate crime?

According to the Bigots Jackson and Sharpton and the politically correct press - - - -YES !

Oct 11, 2007 Question

Poll Results: When Jimmy Carter speaks, should he speak:
over a toilet 0.0 % (0)
@ a sewage treatment plant 0.0 % (0)
then wipe his mouth with toilet paper 0.0 % (0)
all of the above 100.0 % (13)


Not much can be said about one of the worlds biggest IDIOTS. Jimmy Carter should be considered a four letter word only worse. This communistic terrorist supporting moron can not stop running his mouth with vile democratic hatred. The only thing that comes out is something that stinks. This may be diarrhea of the mouth. He needs an anti-septic for his mouth.


Oct 12, 2007 Question

Al Gore just got the Nobel Peace Prize. What is you opinion of that award?

It is nice 0.0 % (0)

It is a joke 0.0 % (0)

It is political 0.0 % (0)

It is political and a joke 100.0 % (9)

It looks like Al Gore fits right in with the bunch below. You will notice that they are a group of non-effective self serving socialists. Somehow the title of “Nobel Peace Prize” doesn’t sound just right. Maybe it should be called the “Dumb bell fleece Prize” or the “Scum Pal sleaze Prize” or “Nut case of the Year”. What ever you call it, it does not speak well for mankind.
This so called prize has political strings attached and is corrupt. They will call good evil and evil good. It looks like that time is here.

Yasser Arafat
Jimmy Carter
Kofi Annan
Nelson Mandela
United Nations Peace-keeping forces ? ? ?

It looks like the scum does come to the surface.
Peace? ?
What does the Nobel Peace Prize have to do with PEACE? The answer is . . . NOTHING. These mind warps are making a political statement. The want to throw Al Goredumb into the presidential race.

They are Algorically wrong. Just like Al himself.

Oct 16, 2007 Question

Can you see the Media trying to ignore Fred Thompson?

Yes 12.5 % (1)

Yes even Fox 75.0 % (6)

No 12.5 % (1)

Question of the day commentary:

The main stream Media in general is scared to death of Fred Thompson and is pushing Hilary. Some Conservative talk radio is pushing Jiuliani and Romney like Sean Hanity who says Islam is a Peace loving religion. Some Christian organizations are supporting Mitt Romney ? ? ? ? ? ? I need to add to that last one the following: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? etc.

I am endorsing Fred Thompson. I can not understand some of the political maneuvers of some of the people I have had great respect for but I intend to keep searching for the truth.

One thing I want Fred to improve on is his understanding of the Global Warming fraud. He had stated that he thought we should work towards the reduction of CO2.

Please see the film: "The Great Global Warming Swindle" that has the truth. This is a film by real scientists using real science.


How can any Christian support Romney?
How can any Conservative support Giuliani?
We must get together as US citizens and check out what people stand for. Fred Thompson is our man. Let's get behind him.

Oct 26, 2007 Question

Poll Results: Is Mitt Romney. . .

Pro Gay Marriage? 0.0 % (0)

Pro abortion? 0.0 % (0)

Both of the above. 100.0 % (9)

Neither 0.0 % (0)


This man is in the way of our progress. The press wants him to divide the Republican Party. Romney is dangerous. I recommend you go to the website www.massdeception.org and click on the Romney deception. You will see many things like those shown below:

Romney Quotes:

'I believe that abortion should be safe and legal in this country. I have since the time that my mom took that position when she ran in 1970 as a US Senate candidate. I believe that since Roe v. Wade has been the law for 20 years we should sustain and support it."

'I respect and will protect a woman's right to choose. This choice is a deeply personal one. Women should be free to choose based on their own beliefs, not mine and not the government's.

'as we seek to establish full equality for America's gay and lesbian citizens, I will provide more effective leadership than my opponent.'


The prom is promoted by the Governor's Commission and sponsored by the Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth (BAGLY), a group that has promoted adult-child sex and has received funding from the Governor's Commission. (The executive director of BAGLY is a male-to-female transsexual.)

Romney denounced as "too extreme" the effort by pro-family groups to enact a preemptive state Marriage Protection Amendment prohibiting homosexual marriage, civil unions and same-sex public employee benefits.

Romney has never said that homosexual marriage (especially the sodomy characteristic of the male unions) presents a problem for values, morality, public health, or parental rights in the schools.

(Check out www.massdeception.org and see it all)


Posted on: 2007-10-25 09:38:50
The press is trying to throw the election to Hillary. I just watched the video "Hillary FUNDRAISER by Peter Paul" and I hope that many more can see this to. Go to the Don and Roma link on www.wlsam.com website. Check the blog and look for "Hillary UNCENSORED!!! Banned by the Media" see the video and hear the truth.

Nov, 12 2007

Poll Results: Do you know about Fred Thompson?

Yes 77.8 % (7)

No 0.0 % (0)

Not enough 22.2 % (2)


Please for the good of the United States and for yourself check out Fred Thompson @ www.fred08.com and see where he stands on the issues.

I believe you will see that he stands the best chance to defeat evil (the Democrats and Move-on) and he is the only main candidate with the right views. Tom Tancreato and Duncan Hunter are the only others who are for real.

Posted on: 2007-11-07 12:09:26 By: Anonymous
Fred Thompson is our only real choice and he is the best one in a long time. I hope we wake up soon. Ron Paul is a nut case that stands for many good things but some very bad things. Alex Jones is the nut case that brings together Ron Paul supporters and makes them raving lunatics. 911 truthers are full of hysterical non-sense.

The truth is Jimmy Carter and Al Gore paid the Dixie Chicks to do the job.

Nov 22, 2007 Question

Poll Results: How many of the top 7 Democratic candidates are wrong on every issues?

All seven. 100.0 % (18)

at least five. 0.0 % (0)

at least three 0.0 % (0)

less than three. 0.0 % (0)

The Democrats are Pro-Abortion, pro-Death, pro-Homo, pro BIG government, pro-Massive taxation, pro-Palestinian, anti-Semitic, socialist, open-Borders, pro-Illegal alien, Move-On driving anti-American, pro-Gun control, and that's just for starters.

These anti-truth Demigods are so full of hatred that they can not see straight. The biggest problem this country has with them is the unbelievable support the Democrats get from the Media, Colleges and Universities, Public Schools, Hollywood, and special interest groups like the ACLU, CAIR, the NAACP, Iran, Russia, Move-On, and all kinds of evil people from around the World. Some of our very citizens believe the tripe spewing from these sources. Lets hope many will wake up amidst all the dis-information and outright lies.

I hope the Democrats hang themselves on all they say.

Real Question
Posted on: 2007-11-26 12:13:59 By: Woody
If you like real questions this sight works. If you want worthless tripe that’s intended to make you feel warm and fuzzy with-out a brain, then the WSBT question is what you want.

Dec 6th 2007 Question

Poll Results: Are you expecting yet another disaster from the US helping to divide Jerusalem?
Top of Form 1

Yes 100.0 % (12)
No 0.0 % (0)

Bottom of Form 1
Question of the day commentary
RE: the Mid-East mega conference in Annapolis, Be not deceived God is not mocked. We are talking about the Promise Land.

There is so much that can be put down here like Katrina or the Atlanta drought or many other things from our History. It continues to show us that what we learn from History is that we don't learn from History.

I recommend reading the book; "Eye to Eye" Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel by William R. Koenig. If you think we don't get slammed, then think again.

The UN and Israel
Posted on: 2007-12-07 13:50:04 By: Anonymous
The UN is totally against Israel and Christianity. The UN is outwardly corrupt and loaded with terrorist states or countries. The UN is openly Anti-US and wants to take over as our government. What pea-brain would not speak out against this evil beast? The answer is RINOs and Democrats.

Lugar and Bayh are two of these Pea-brains

Dec 17th 2008 Question

Poll Results: Did Oprah convince you to vote for Obama?

No way 100.0 % (10)
Yah sure 0.0 % (0)
Question of the day commentary

Oprah did a good job of saying nothing and showed how narrow minded she can be again. She is pro-abortion, for so called sex education for small children in the government controlled schools, gun control, special Homosexual rights, anti war efforts (against this country) pro illegal immigration, higher taxation, more government control and just a total anti-Christ liberal, just like Obama.

This whole thing is a sick joke. (But not as sick as Hillary)

Jan 18th 2008 Question

Poll Results: Would you like a Thompson / Hunter ticket?

Yes 5.3 % (1)
Oh Hell YES! 94.7 % (18)
Not sure 0.0 % (0)

Question of the day commentary
Fred Thompson is an actual conservative in the race that has a chance. Duncan Hunter is the only other conservative. Together they could be the greatest combination ever.

All of the other so-called Republicans may be as bad as Hillary. I think that some of these RINOs will destroy this country beyond that of the socialistic evil Democrats.

See what everyone claims they stand for. Even through the lies of McCain and Romney you should still be able to make the correct choice for this country.

Jan 22nd 2008 Question

Poll Results: With the only hope for a great president out, will Huckabee be able to change for the better?

No. Still a liberal 41.7 % (5)
Maybe 33.3 % (4)
Yes I pray 25.0 % (3)

Question of the day commentary Jan 22, 2008
Fred Thompson was our last hope. Now we are left with Huckabee. The cream of the crap. I'm not impressed with his past record in Arkansas and hope he will change. So called: religious leaders were supporting liberals like Romney, Rudy and a couple for the turn coat, back stabbing, Open Boarders, Don't torture me, McCain.

Fred faced the greatest odds ever. His challenges was ours and we stood against the influential corrupt main stream news media, Democrats, news papers, Planned Parenthood, Move-On, religious leaders (so-called), Hollywood, RINOs, Sean Hannity, John Gibson, Mike Regan, Ann Coulter and other supposed conservatives. Nothing however was worse than an un-informed, uncaring and brainwashed public.

In this ungodly society our self-governing powers are weak. The Main Stream Media has got us by the lack of common sense and the laziness that will not allow us to bother to seek truth.

Fred Thompson is out. That tells me that the majority of this country knows little to nothing and could care less. I hope more can wake-up to limit the damage. Local elections are still the most important way to fix this Democrat infested mess.

Question of the day Jan 29, 2008

Poll Results: What best decribes "STRAIGHT" in McCains straight talk.
A dogs hind leg. 0.0 % (0)
A mountain trail. 0.0 % (0)
The Wabash River. 0.0 % (0)
All of the above & then some. 100.0 % (24)

The turncoat, back stabbing, Open Boarders, Don't torture me, McCain. Really has the Democratic, Liberal, Hamas, ACLU, NEA, Move-On, etc, etc, Control Media pulling hard to persuade the ungodly brain dead, Global Warming politically correct masses to vote for this deceiver.

McCain is the bottom of the pit. Huckabee just wants to be President. I had several point to him because they wanted a Christian to be President. Many thought that Bush was a Christian but look at him now. What will happen to this country as we defy God like Bush is now doing. I don't think a President must be Christian but a people. If you believe Gods word, you should be going to battle.

The thought of Rudy seems to scare all of the above mentioned the evil people but it scares me too. Romney at this point looks to be the least of worst. I'm hoping for a Brokered Convention and a Conservatives name to be called out.

I'm still for Fred Thompson and Duncan Hunter.

Question of the day Feb, 4, 2008

Poll Results: Who is the worse of the three remaining Democrats?

Barack 61.9 % (13)
Hillary 9.5 % (2)
McCain 28.6 % (6)

Total Votes: 21

Comments - Make a comment

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Nut Case McCain
Posted on: 2008-02-05 20:04:06 By: Anonymous
This in your face chump is beyond being a RINO. He's a flat out Ted Kennedy Democrat. He has support from the colaberating Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Baptists from Hell. Along with the Media and Dick Lugar type moderates we have a long way to go. Get ready to finally have that US offical language voted in. (Spanish)

Is the Republican Party that completely shot accross the entire counrty? Can that many people be that stupid?

Re: Nut Case voting
Posted on: 2008-02-08 15:08:45 By: Anonymous
Location: Edited By: casstech
On: 2008-02-08 15:10:26
Did Republicans really vote for McCain? It looked like the Media was directing the whole thing. I think real Republicans should ask McCain to drop out of the race for the good of the country. I will ask John McCain to step aside. The local news stations declared McCain the winner way before the vote. They did just what their big brother told them to do.

Lets get ready to fight illegal immigration for the next four years many times over. Look for secret deals behind closed doors in the dead of night.



If you are one of us, (a U.S. citizen with some ability to think) then you are likely a Conservative. You also likely vote Republican most of the time. If you grew up like I did thinking I was a born Democrat until I actually started thinking, then you too may have felt the hopelessness of the general public and their clueless opinions handed to them by the Main Stream Media, Schools, and various organizations.

It may not be as hopeless as it looks on the surface. The Media has all but declared the pro-illegal alien John McCain the Democratic winner of the Republican candidacy to run for President. They would not say it in those terms but they want him to run against Hillary if she wins. McCain would be a wonderful candidate for the extreme left. As terrible as Hillary is, she should easily beat the angry unstable non-trustworthy McCain.

It looks like our only option now is to make sure this back stabber McCain does not ever represent this Party or this Country. It boils down to this, we can vote for Barack McClinton (the Liberal trio) or Mitt Romney. Huckabee seems to be running interference for Barack McClinton.

Get the word out that real Conservatives don’t buy the media lie. Don’t miss out, vote to defeat John McCain. If he got the nomination then we could only pray that Obama does not defeat the wretched Hillary Clinton. It would be in my opinion farr better to have the country unite in an overwhelming distain for this cackling Witch.

I urge you to think about our only choice left Mitt Romney.

Don’t let Super Tuesday turn into a Super Disaster.

Question of the day Feb 11, 2008

Poll Results: Is that deep sharp burning pain in you back . . . McCain stabbing you . . . . . .

The first time? 0.0 % (0)
The second time? 0.0 % (0)
Countless times? 100.0 % (11)

Question of the day commentary Feb 11, 2008
We did it. Super Tuesday was a massive Super disaster.

Romney is out and who knows if the votes count for people voting in these primary? Was this set up in back rooms ahead of time? This is how McCain works. Wouldn't you like to know if he did it again?

How could an actual Republican turn on the people of this country? The cowardly liberals kept spewing; "Bush lied". They kept on repeating their lie. They said Bush designed the 911 attack and convinced the flood waters of Katrina to seek out Blacks even in higher ground.

These pea-brained communists can now say that Bush really did lie this time because he really did this week end. Bush actual proclaimed John McCain to be a Conservative.

If you are a Conservative and John McCain gets to be our President, you might start learning Spanish and wear armor on your back.

I urge you to think about the best choice left . . . . Huckabee.

What we need is a Brokered Convention. The Media says it's over and We lost or McCain won. He still needs nearly 500 more delegates and more are speaking out in support of Huckabee.

Don't count your Chickens just yet.

Question of the day Feb 18, 2008

Poll Results: Who is the most DANGEROUS for the USA?
McCain 0.0 % (0)
Clinton 17.6 % (3)
Obama 82.4 % (14)


Barak Obama has not even begun to make people faint yet. If he would get elected, we should all faint. What an unbelievable joke of a know nothing. The press is in a full court press to stuff this joke down our throats. I only hope the Clinton machine can beat the press and keep this moron out.

As bad as Hillary is, she's still not as bad as Obama. Let's pray we never see the abomination of an Obama Nation.

McCain will be a great disaster. This nut case is not much better than the formentioned communist from the democratic party. He is a liberal ready to stab us all in the back repeatedly.

Huckabee seems to be maturing during this process. I will do what I can to now push for a man who has changed before my eyes. I don’t know how much stock you can put into it but the choice is very clear when you see how desperate the media is to keep him out. Please consider supporting Huckabee and tell everyone you know to look at his platform now.

Obama the Liar.
If you listen to him speak you'll hear empty garbage until he just makes up lies like he did again this Thursday. He tell stories of our troops being put in battle with out weapons. How in the HELL does he get a pass for this crap?
Does this bastard work for the New York Times?

Fainting ?
I still can't believe people aren't fainting at the sight of Hillary even as she speaks. We do have a strong country.

Re: Fainting ?
Strong stomachs, weak minds. It takes a strong stomach to take Hillary and a weak mind to faint for Obama. The ones that don't faint are just mindless.
Multiple choice?
Posted By: mytinytown
How can this not be multiple choice? How do you pick?

I do, by a slight margin, say Obama because he is black and he will get away with things cause he has be "repressed". Then Hillary, she would be a touch better because she would have resistance, but McCain could be as bad because he is an idiot with power and could get sneak things through a little easier.

Question of the day March 1, 2008

Poll Results: Will you vote to offset the sheep who listen the Main Stream Media?

Yes 100.0 % (7)
No, I give up 0.0 % (0)
Question of the day commentary March 1, 2008
Barak Obama has lied again and again but that's no problem for the Main Stream Media. He can make statements like Bush gave tax breaks for the rich . . . you know....like you and me. Did you notice the media questioning a statement like this? Nobody else did either.

The point is that we need to be smart and vote especially for state and local candidates to keep out the garbage like B. Patrick Bauer or Steve Luecke. These are two real gay boosters who want your taxes increased for special rights programs for the perverted.

If you can't figure out who is good or bad then I recommend making sure of those you can and be sure and vote for them. I also believe if you study long enough you may never vote for a Democrat again unless the get a lobotomy.

I am not anti Democrat (Communist/Socialist) so much as Pro- USA, Our Troops, Israel, Boys Scouts of America, Constitution, Guns, Apple Pie, Christian, Freedom, Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Those things just mean I cannot be a Democrat.
Posted on: 2008-03-02 18:52:32 By: casstech
I hope everyone can start to see the evil that is the Democratic Party. They have controlled things even when spineless Republicans were in charge. The Mainstream Media and Democrats are one in the same. They are destroying this country and we need to save ourselves from this for the sake of our children and their children.

These chumps are as fake as Global Warming. Open your eyes!

Vote to off-set
Posted on: 2008-03-03 15:12:08 By: Anonymous
Democrats have given aid and comfort to our enemies. They have supported terrorist groups and are responsible for the death of many of our servicemen at a time of war.

They say, "Don’t question our patriotism!" You don't have to worry about that. They have NO patriotism.

Posted on: 2008-03-05 04:19:14 By: Anonymous
I'm not giving up, but I hope the brainless will.


Question of the day March 18, 2008

Poll Results: Can Indiana overcome all of the damage done by B. Patrick Bauer?

No 11.8 % (2)
Yes after many years. 0.0 % (0)
only without Democrats 88.2 % (15)
Question of the day commentary March 18, 2008
Pat Bauer looks doped up most of the time. I think that helps him to deal with the evil that is deep to his core. He is willing to pull any stunt, break any rule or defy the people’s choice in order to strike down a Republican. He is desperate to raise taxes and point the finger at someone else.

The people of Indiana wanted to vote on a Gay marriage ban, but that was stopped by the evil one. He ambushed the property tax bill for St. Joe. County and was trying to turn it into something even worse. He wanted to make it another income tax.

The sooner the people of Indiana wake up and wipe out as many Democrats as possible, the sooner they can rid themselves of this anti-Hoosier sludge. This means overcoming the influence of the local media that has no idea as they waller in their own self worship. It's hard to say if they are being controlled or if they are that clueless.

Question of the day April 9, 2008

Poll Results: Would the Media ever ask Obama any real questions?

No 0.0 % (0)
Not at all 29.4 % (5)
Not on purpose 70.6 % (12)

Question of the day commentary April 9, 2008
If you could ask Senator Barack Obama a question, what would it be?

(Could you pick one?)

1) If elected President, will you immediately free Agents Ramos and Compean, compensate their families and hold hearings on their wrongful prosecution?

2) Domestic oil drilling and building new oil refineries are being stopped predominately by Democrats. How does that make us less dependent on foreign oil?

3) If you: (like stated in you television spot)
A) Punish the oil companies with a windfall profit tax (that will raise the price of gas),
B) Raise taxes exponentially on all of us, then
C) Pursue alternative fuels that don't work like ethanol and cause the price of food to skyrocket, then explain how that helps?

4) The fence that U.S. citizens have been demanding and congress voted on is not being build in open defiance to the will of the people. The money has been allocated but only 10 miles of actual fence has been built. Are you against the fence that U.S. citizens demand?

I could go on but I'll stop here.

P.S. Please note that I did not ask if his momma was punished with a baby.

Question of the day commentary April 25, 2008

Poll Results: Now that Science has expose Al Gore as a liar. Can we stop his Tax?

Yes 82.4 % (14)
No. If Democrats control. 17.6 % (3)

Total Votes: 17

I sure hope we can wake up from the fear mongoring.

I have a new phrase for a lie.

It's "Al Gore ickally false"

Democrats along with their strongest allies (the Main Stream Media) turn coat fake Republicans (RINOs), and socialists from all over, are trying to control your voice. Real education is the only real way to combat this.

The global warming lie is festering with the ill informed news agencies and in the supposed higher learning institutes, but facts and statements from real scientists expose the stupidity of the left.

It's all about control, bigger government and a 1.2 Trillion dollar carbon tax. If Bull Crap causes Global Warming in their minds then they should all go to prison for a long time.

Earth Day came and went and I missed it. I think I will celebrate it late by burning a tire.

Question of the day commentary XXXXXX

Are you buying the Hot Air?
This bonehead would have to make major changes to show any credibility at all.
It is so amazing that so many are like sheep following the worship leaders, "The Main Stream Press".

This peabrain is going to speak at Concord High School 8-6-2008. I wish someone could ask him a question, but even if they did, you may never hear about it. Let's all work hard to save our country and keep this socialist out.

Qestion of the day commentary Oct 15,20008

Obama the Lier

Boneheads run deep in the Democratic Party. B Patrick pinhead Bauer specializes in breaking rules, denying the people a voice, raising taxes, raising them again and again, lying about his record and Republican opponents, fighting for Queer marriage and special Queer rights at your expense.

Some try to sound like Republicans like Mike Montagano who talks a few points but wants Hillary care and taxing corporations who of course don’t pay taxes.

Joe Donnelly said he was just like Chris Chocola but voted for the nasty Nancy Pelosi and voted for the fraudulent Bail-Out package, he wants to punish those evil Americans that are into oil, but not the government who really rips us off and through Democratic control that cause this problem as well as the market crash.

Evan Bayh who just could not be Hillary still drinks the cool aid. He sucks up to the Obama tripe of punish America while blaming Bush for all of their own evils.

These goof ball morons don’t care about our troops and have no problems with the Shumers, Rieds, Kennedys, Kerrys, Murthas, etc spouting off and most certainly causing the deaths of many of our servicemen. They were like cheering sections to treason with their silence about these big mouth traitors.

Obama said it very clearly, “The surge won’t work”. . . . . Remember. . . . Oh . . .Then he said, “Of course if you throw that many troops at them . . . .well”

News Flash: This just in . . . An ACORN pole shows Obama holding on to 178% lead over McCain. The pole has a plus 150% minus 0% margin of error.

We’ll keep you up to date.

The List Oct 30,2008

Things Obama says he will do:

He will bring in “The Freedom Act” to abolish all state bans on all forms of abortion. Late term, partial birth, and born alive.

Bring back the “Fairness Doctrine” abolishing free speech. The government will decide both sides of an issue.

Give at least 12 million illegal aliens citizenship with unlimited additional to follow. (He also claimed just the oposite)? ? ? ?

He will see to it that Electricity rates will skyrocket.

He will shut down the coal industry. (do to Green House Gasses)

Give illegals your Social Security. (You did not think they would keep their hands off of it.)

Increase taxes on the people who already pay over 80% of all taxes now. He said “it’s better if we spread the wealth” to Joe the plumber. He states this another way as well. He said “95% of you will receive a tax cut” (41% don’t pay now) ? ? ? ? ?

Give the 41% of all people who don’t pay any federal income tax at all, a check from the government at taxpayer’s expense.

Establish Hate Crimes laws. (Check your skin color at the door)

Pass the “Global Poverty Act” that will cost the average US citizen (every man woman and child) $2,500 to fight worldwide poverty. That money will continue to go to the Dictators and their armys while the people will continue be starved and murdered.

Pursue prosecution of President Bush for hundreds of charges from fighting terrorism to giving tax cuts to you and me. None of these charges need to be true. Compean and Ramos are still in prison.

Change the Supreme Court to an extreme liberal slant. (They will make the law) If the Obamacrats only knew what we are in for.

Prevent domestic oil development with more regulations and windfall profit taxes that the consumer will end up paying for.. Subsidize alternate forms of energy including Ethanol that has proven to be far more expensive than gasoline, while using nearly as much fuel oil and gasoline as it produces to manufacture, while driving food prices up.

These are just some of the Obama statements that came to the top of my head. Can your calculator balance the books on these claims?

A president cannot do a lot of things by himself but he can destroy the Supreme Court in very short order. If he has a Liberal Senate and Congress then there would be no limit to the destruction we will suffer.

If you listen to the liberal media we have no hope. They are trying to get you to believe that, in the hope that you won’t vote.

Check this out:

Poll Results: Who is the most uninfomed of the Democrats?

College Student 100.0 % (19)
Nutcase Proffesors 0.0 % (0)
Newspaper subscriber 0.0 % (0)
Gutter sludge drunkard 0.0 % (0)

Total Votes: 19

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The dumbest
Posted on: 2008-10-29 19:54:51 By: Anonymous

It's obviously the college student because of their rounded Socialist indoctrination. Their minds are polluted by the Marxist professors, the liberal press, and have no clue about life with the exception of the few who have good family influences.

Posted on: 2008-10-30 19:37:41 By: Anonymous

Looks like the gutter sludge has it over the rest. He's the smart one of the bunch.


Marxism wins
Posted on: 2008-11-05 20:28:50 By: Anonymous

Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves. Who would have thought we would be that stupid? The socialists will get no blessing from me. They are all about dividing a country and not about unity unless it's with our enemies.
They have earned nothing but Damnation.

Created on 09/13/2007 06:42 AM by casstech
Updated on 01/12/2009 03:04 PM by casstech
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